NAG C Library Chapter Introduction

x04 – Input/Output Utilities

Scope of the Chapter

This chapter contains file opening and closing functions and matrix printing utility functions.

Background to the Problems

Functions are provided to allow formatted output of
(a) general matrices stored in a two-dimensional array (real and complex data types);
(b) triangular matrices stored in a packed one-dimensional array (real and complex data types);
(c) band matrices stored in a packed two-dimensional array (real and complex data types).
Functions in (b) and (c) allow printing of matrices stored in formats used in particular by Chapters f06 and f07 of the Library.
By appropriate choice of arguments you can specify titles, labels, maximum output record length, and the format of individual matrix elements. All output is directed to a specified file, or to stdout.
Functions for reading, writing or appending to files are required for functions with option setting facilities in the library.

Functionality Index

Accessing external formatted file, 
    reading a record nag_read_line (x04bbc)
    writing a record nag_write_line (x04bac)
Closing an external file nag_close_file (x04adc)
Opening an external file nag_open_file (x04acc)
Printing matrices, 
    comprehensive functions, 
        general complex matrix nag_gen_complx_mat_print_comp (x04dbc)
        general real matrix nag_gen_real_mat_print_comp (x04cbc)
        packed complex band matrix nag_band_complx_mat_print_comp (x04dfc)
        packed complex triangular matrix nag_pack_complx_mat_print_comp (x04ddc)
        packed real band matrix nag_band_real_mat_print_comp (x04cfc)
        packed real triangular matrix nag_pack_real_mat_print_comp (x04cdc)
    easy-to-use functions, 
        general complex matrix nag_gen_complx_mat_print (x04dac)
        general real matrix nag_gen_real_mat_print (x04cac)
        packed complex band matrix nag_band_complx_mat_print (x04dec)
        packed complex triangular matrix nag_pack_complx_mat_print (x04dcc)
        packed real band matrix nag_band_real_mat_print (x04cec)
        packed real triangular matrix nag_pack_real_mat_print (x04ccc)
Utility functions, 
    convert integer to NAG enum type nag_enum_value_to_name (x04nbc)
    convert integer to NAG error code string nag_code_to_error_name (x04ndc)
    convert NAG enum type name to integer nag_enum_name_to_value (x04nac)
    convert NAG error code string to integer nag_error_name_to_code (x04ncc)

Auxiliary Functions Associated with Library Function Arguments


Functions Withdrawn or Scheduled for Withdrawal

The following lists all those functions that have been withdrawn since Mark 23 of the Library or are scheduled for withdrawal at one of the next two marks.
Mark of

Replacement Function(s)
nag_example_file_io (x04aec)25No replacement required.