NAG Library Manual

GAMS Classification for the NAG Library, Mark 24

This index classifies NAG Library routines according to Version 2 of the GAMS classification scheme described in Boisvert et al. (1990).

A:  Arithmetic, error analysis
B:  Number theory
C:  Elementary and special functions (search also class L5)
D:  Linear Algebra
E:  Interpolation
F:  Solution of nonlinear equations
G:  Optimization (search also classes K, L8)
H:  Differentiation, integration
I:  Differential and integral equations
J:  Integral transforms
K:  Approximation (search also class L8)
L:  Statistics, probability
M:  Simulation, stochastic modeling (search also classes L6 and L10)
N:  Data handling (search also class L2)
O:  Symbolic computation
P:  Computational geometry (search also classes G and Q)
Q:  Graphics (search also class L3)
R:  Service routines
S:  Software development tools
Z:  Other


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NAG Library Manual

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