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NAG Toolbox

NAG Toolbox: nag_doc


Open NAG documentation in the Matlab web browser.


nag_doc name


nag_doc opens the documentation for the function name in the Matlab web browser. name may be the long or short name of a function in the NAG Toolbox. It may also be the path to the HTML file of the documentation relative to the NAG directory in which the nag_doc.m m-file is stored, although this form is mainly for internal use. If name is omitted, the browser is opened at the start page of the NAG Toolbox documentation.
Unfortunately it is not possible to directly open the help browser at a function document, however the web browser offers the same facilities apart from the search facility.
If HTML documentation for a command is not found, then the output from the help function is returned.




Input Parameter

1:     name – string
Name of a NAG Toolbox function

Output Parameter


Error Indicators and Warnings



nag_doc e04uc

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NAG Toolbox

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