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Chapter Introduction
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NAG Toolbox: nag_wav_1d_mxolap_inv (c09db)


    1  Purpose
    2  Syntax
    7  Accuracy
    9  Example


nag_wav_1d_mxolap_inv (c09db) computes the inverse one-dimensional maximal overlap discrete wavelet transform (MODWT) at a single level. The initialization function nag_wav_1d_init (c09aa) must be called first to set up the MODWT options.


[y, ifail] = c09db(ca, cd, n, icomm, 'lenc', lenc)
[y, ifail] = nag_wav_1d_mxolap_inv(ca, cd, n, icomm, 'lenc', lenc)


nag_wav_1d_mxolap_inv (c09db) performs the inverse operation of nag_wav_1d_mxolap_fwd (c09da). That is, given sets of nc approximation coefficients and detail coefficients, computed by nag_wav_1d_mxolap_fwd (c09da) using a MODWT as set up by the initialization function nag_wav_1d_init (c09aa), on a real data array of length n, nag_wav_1d_mxolap_inv (c09db) will reconstruct the data array yi, for i=1,2,,n, from which the coefficients were derived.


Percival D B and Walden A T (2000) Wavelet Methods for Time Series Analysis Cambridge University Press


Compulsory Input Parameters

1:     calenc – double array
The nc approximation coefficients, Ca. These will normally be the result of some transformation on the coefficients computed by nag_wav_1d_mxolap_fwd (c09da).
2:     cdlenc – double array
The nc detail coefficients, Cd. These will normally be the result of some transformation on the coefficients computed by nag_wav_1d_mxolap_fwd (c09da).
3:     n int64int32nag_int scalar
n, the length of the original data array from which the wavelet coefficients were computed by nag_wav_1d_mxolap_fwd (c09da) and the length of the data array y that is to be reconstructed by this function.
Constraint: This must be the same as the value n passed to the initialization function nag_wav_1d_init (c09aa).
4:     icomm100 int64int32nag_int array
Contains details of the discrete wavelet transform and the problem dimension and, possibly, additional information on the previously computed forward transform.

Optional Input Parameters

1:     lenc int64int32nag_int scalar
Default: the dimension of the arrays ca, cd. (An error is raised if these dimensions are not equal.)
The dimension of the arrays ca and cd.
Constraint: lencnc, where nc is the value returned in nwc by the call to the initialization function nag_wav_1d_init (c09aa).

Output Parameters

1:     yn – double array
The reconstructed data based on approximation and detail coefficients Ca and Cd and the transform options supplied to the initialization function nag_wav_1d_init (c09aa).
2:     ifail int64int32nag_int scalar
ifail=0 unless the function detects an error (see Error Indicators and Warnings).

Error Indicators and Warnings

Errors or warnings detected by the function:
On entry, array dimension lenc not large enough.
On entry, n is inconsistent with the value passed to the initialization function.
On entry, the initialization function nag_wav_1d_init (c09aa) has not been called first or it has not been called with wtrans='T', or the communication array icomm has become corrupted.
An unexpected error has been triggered by this routine. Please contact NAG.
Your licence key may have expired or may not have been installed correctly.
Dynamic memory allocation failed.


The accuracy of the wavelet transform depends only on the floating-point operations used in the convolution and downsampling and should thus be close to machine precision.

Further Comments



See Example in nag_wav_1d_mxolap_fwd (c09da).
function c09db_example

fprintf('c09db example results\n\n');

% 1d maximal overlap discrete wavelet decomposition using a Daubechies wavelet

n      = int64(8);
x      = [1 3 5 7 6 4 5 2];

wavnam = 'DB4';
mode   = 'Periodic';
wtrans = 'Time invariant';

% Setup for wavelet
[nwlmax, nf, nwc, icomm, ifail] = c09aa(wavnam, wtrans, mode, n);

% Compute decomposition
[ca, cd, icomm, ifail] = c09da(x, nwc, icomm);

disp('Approximation coefficients:')
disp('Detail coefficients:')

% Reconstruct
[y, ifail] = c09db(ca, cd, n, icomm);

c09db example results

Approximation coefficients:
  2.7781  1.5146  2.2505  4.8788  6.6845  6.3423  4.7869  3.7644
Detail coefficients:
 -0.6187  0.6272  0.1883 -1.1966  1.2618  0.3354 -0.3314 -0.2660
  1.0000  3.0000  5.0000  7.0000  6.0000  4.0000  5.0000  2.0000

PDF version (NAG web site, 64-bit version, 64-bit version)
Chapter Contents
Chapter Introduction
NAG Toolbox

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