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NAG Toolbox
NAG Toolbox News

Withdrawn Functions

The following functions have been withdrawn from the NAG Toolbox at Mark 25. See the document ‘Advice on Replacement Calls for Withdrawn/Superseded Routines’ for more detailed guidance.

Replacement Function(s)
c05adnag_roots_contfn_brent (c05ay)
c05agnag_roots_contfn_brent_interval (c05au)
c05ajnag_roots_contfn_cntin (c05aw)
c05nbnag_roots_sys_func_easy (c05qb)
c05ncnag_roots_sys_func_expert (c05qc)
c05ndnag_roots_sys_func_rcomm (c05qd)
c05pbnag_roots_sys_deriv_easy (c05rb)
c05pcnag_roots_sys_deriv_expert (c05rc)
c05pdnag_roots_sys_deriv_rcomm (c05rd)
c05zanag_roots_sys_deriv_check (c05zd)
c06dbnag_sum_chebyshev (c06dc)
f03aanag_lapack_dgetrf (f07ad) and nag_det_real_gen (f03ba)
f03abnag_lapack_dpotrf (f07fd) and nag_det_real_sym (f03bf)
f03acnag_lapack_dpbtrf (f07hd) and nag_det_real_band_sym (f03bh)
f03adnag_lapack_zgetrf (f07ar) and nag_det_complex_gen (f03bn)
f03aenag_lapack_dpotrf (f07fd) and nag_det_real_sym (f03bf)
f03afnag_lapack_dgetrf (f07ad) and nag_det_real_gen (f03ba)
f04afNo replacement routine required
f04agNo replacement routine required
f04ahNo replacement routine required
f04ajNo replacement routine required

NAG Toolbox

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