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NAG Toolbox

What is the NAG Toolbox?

The NAG Toolbox is a comprehensive set of interfaces to the NAG Library. The Library has a global reputation for its excellence and contains over 1,500 routines making it the largest commercially available collection of mathematical and statistical algorithms. Its capabilities complement those of MATLAB itself and provide functionality not otherwise available, or only available by buying several specialist toolboxes.

Numerical facilities

Statistical facilities

Online Documentation

The documentation which accompanies the NAG Library has been adapted to reflect the MATLAB interfaces and is incorporated in the MATLAB help system here.

The NAG documentation contains a great deal of mathematical equations, which the MATLAB help system is not always able to display clearly. As an alternative it is possible to consult PDF versions of the documents by clicking on the links at the top of each page.

The PDF files are hosted on the NAG website. To open these links directly from the help pages you may need to configure MATLAB to use your preferred web browser. See Web Preferences for more information.

To display PDF documents you will need a copy of Acrobat Reader (or some other software for rendering PDF files).

Example Programs

An example of the use of every single routine is provided.