Table of Contents

1 Name

nagfmcheck — Check output from NAG Fortran Compiler memory trace.

2 Usage

nagfmcheck < filename

3 Description

nagfmcheck is a program to check the output from the -mtrace option of the NAG Fortran compiler.

It is designed to be used as a filter.

Any lines that do not look like memory tracing output are ignored. It reports to standard output any errors it detects such as deallocating something twice, deallocating something that was never allocated, or deallocating something with a size different from that with which it was allocated.

It also reports any apparent memory leaks, though this is less useful if the program terminated prematurely.

4 Options


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6 Source Code

The Fortran source code of this program can be found in the file nagfmcheck.f90 in the compiler's library directory.

7 Bugs

Please report any bugs found to ‘’ or ‘’, along with any suggestions for improvements.