Fortran 2018 Overview

Table of Contents

1 Introduction

This document describes the new parts of the Fortran 2018 language that are supported by the latest release of the NAG Fortran Compiler.

The compiler release in which a feature was made available is indicated by square brackets; for example, a feature marked as ‘[5.3]’ was first available in Release 5.3.

2 Overview of Fortran 2018

The new features of Fortran 2018 that are supported by the NAG Fortran Compiler can be grouped as follows:

3 Data declaration

4 Data usage and computation

5 Input/output

6 Execution control

7 Intrinsic procedures and modules

8 Program units and procedures

9 Advanced C interoperability

10 Updated IEEE arithmetic capabilities

These features were available in Release 7.0:

These items are available in Release 7.2:

11 Advanced coarray programming

12 References

The Fortran 2018 standard, ISO/IEC 1539-1:2018(E), is available from ISO as well as from many national standards bodies. A number of books describing the new standard are available; the recommended reference book is “Modern Fortran Explained (Incorporating Fortran 2018)” by Metcalf, Reid & Cohen, Oxford University Press, 2018 (ISBN 978-0-19-881188-6).