f90_unix_io: Unix I/O Operations Module

Table of Contents

1 Name

f90_unix_io — Module of Unix I/O operations

2 Usage


This module will contain part of a Fortran API to functions detailed in ISO/IEC 9945-1:1990 Portable Operating System Interface (POSIX) - Part 1: System Application Program Interface (API) [C Language].

In this release only the FLUSH procedure is supported. Users are advised to use the ONLY clause when using this module, as it will have further names added in later releases.

Error handling is described in F90_UNIX_ERRNO. Note that for procedures with an optional ERRNO argument, if an error occurs and ERRNO is not present, the program will be terminated.

All procedures in this module are generic and may also be specific (this may change in a future release).

3 Synopsis

Generic Procedures

4 Procedure Description

Flushes the output buffer of logical unit LUNIT. The effect is similar to the Fortran 2003 FLUSH statement, except that the statement allows flushing a unit which is not connected but the procedure does not.

If LUNIT is not a valid unit number or is not connected to a file, error EBADF is raised (see F90_UNIX_ERRNO).

5 See Also

f90_unix_errno(3), intro(3), nag_modules(3), nagfor(1).

6 Bugs

Please report any bugs found to ‘support@nag.co.uk’ or ‘support@nag.com’, along with any suggestions for improvements.