NAG Toolbox for MATLAB

MBMI624DDL - License Managed

Mac OS X (Intel 64 bit), MATLAB R2013a - R2014b

Post Release Information

This implementation is applicable to computer systems described in section 2.1 of the Installer's Notes (see Installer's Notes, Applicability).

Any additional information related to this implementation, that came to light after the release of this product, will be described below.

  1. MATLAB R2015a, R2015b and R2016a Suitability

    This implementation has been tested with MATLAB version 8.5 (R2015a), version 8.6 (R2015b) and version 9.0 (R2016a) and is considered suitable for use with those versions. However, due to changes in the MATLAB graphics system at release R2014b, some of the example programs shipped with this implementation do not work correctly in these versions of MATLAB.

  2. Newer versions of OS X

    You may need administrator privileges to enable the installer to run on newer versions of OS X.