NAG .NET Library, Mark 2

Post Release Information

This implementation is applicable to computer systems described in section 2.1 of the Installer's Notes (see Installer's Notes, Applicability).

Additional information related to this implementation, that has come to light after the release of this product, is described below.

  1. Run-time library diagnostic information caused by interrupts of NAG .NET library programs

    The NAG .NET library uses code compiled using the Intel Fortran compiler. The run-time libraries of this compiler install their own signal handling routines to trap anomalous situations, such as CTRL-C console interrupts or window close events.

    Programs that call NAG .NET library functions and are then terminated by an interrupt or window close event may therefore issue error messages and stack traces referring to the Intel compiler run-time libraries. This can happen even after the NAG function has completed and control returned to the calling program. Such behaviour may be undesirable to the NAG library user.

    It is possible to avoid these error messages, and the following program demonstrates various ways of doing that.