NAG Library Documentation
The NAG Library Manual
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The Library consists of a number of generic interfaces:

  • the FL interface, a standard set of interfaces that utilise only simple types which makes them suitable for calling from a wide range of languages, including Fortran (NAG's traditional Fortran Library interfaces), C, C++, VBA and others;
  • the CL Interface, NAG's traditional set of C Library interfaces;
  • and the NAG AD Library interfaces to support Algorithmic Differentiation.

In addition to the generic interfaces described in this manual, NAG supports interfaces tailored to specific environments and programming languages, including Python, Java, .NET and MATLAB®.

The Library is organized into Chapters – each being documented with its own Introduction and Contents list followed by a comprehensive document for each function detailing its purpose, description, list of parameters and possible error exits. Example programs and results are also supplied. All examples are available online to facilitate their use as templates for the users' calling programs.

The NAG Library Manual - prior releases

Previous releases of the NAG Library Manual are available from here

Installer's Notes and Users' Notes

Support documentation for the installation and use of each implementation of the NAG Library is available.