NAG Dynamic Link Libraries (DLLs)

Using the NAG DLLs

Many organizations integrate our software seamlessly into a variety of applications, including Visual Basic, Excel & VBA, Microsoft C++ and LabView, using NAG's dynamic link libraries. Users also access NAG algorithms from MATLAB® using the NAG Toolbox for MATLAB®.

Developers know that by taking this approach they save development time and reduce maintenance overheads. With NAG's global reputation for quality and performance they can focus on the specialist aspects of their application and have confidence in the results.

Our software covers a broad range of numerical and statistical techniques, such as optimization, PDEs, ODEs, FFTs, correlation and regression, and multivariate methods, to name but a few.

Companies rely on our software for mission-critical applications, so we operate very stringent quality assurance standards. No algorithm enters our software until it has been fully tested, validated and verified. Underpinning the quality of all NAG software is our renowned technical support. Customers are provided with comprehensive documentation, as well as access to the actual developers of the software to ensure that their questions are answered to the highest standards.

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